RealMe U1 RMX1833 EMMC ISP Pinout Download for flashing and unlocking

Using this ISP Pinout you can use lock (pin, pattern, password) or google account (FRP) to reset.If you can read and write a dump file and flash file.
RealMe U1 RMX1833 EMMC ISP Pinout


How to use EMMC isp pinout 

1. Dissemble your mobile
2. Open mobile board
3. Find isp pinout in board
4. ISP pinout connect via box adapter
5. Open your box EMMC tool software like (UfI, EASY JTAG, UMT EMMC TOOL, AETOOL, etc)
6. Now check so EMMC information in your software
7. Now you can do whatever you want to do such as reset password