Realme 1 CPH1861 Reset password/pattern and remove FRP with UMT

Realme 1 CPH1861 Boot key = volume( + -)

1. First you need to power off your Mobile
2. Then Open UMT MTK Tool
3. Then Click To Reste In meta mode
4. Then Press and Hold Volume-Up and Down key in your Mobile and enter The Data Cable
5. Now wait for rest your Mobile In case some error show in umt tool Then restart your device and try again same process

Tutorial Videos  
How to reset password 

how to reset FRP 

Preloader-&-CDC-Driver and flash dirver problem

How to install Driver  in Realme 1

The first and most important part is installing this driver for COM3.
It is very important that the computer is forced to install the mentioned "Preloader-&-CDC-Driver".
This makes it possible the COM3 to be reserved for the SP Flash Tools, so when we connect the Oppo
phone via USB to the computer, it is correctly addressed.
First we have to force the PC to install a special driver that will make it possible to communicate directly to the phone on a specific port COM3. The installation of the “Preloader and Gadget Serial COM3” Driver is explained in pictures. Inside the .RAR I have placed several screenshots (do not bother that they are in the same directory as the only important .INI file).
1.) Completely shut down the phone (press Power untill it goes OFF).

2.) Then press and keep pressed the Volume-Up Key and the Power Key, for several seconds, untill it starts into Factory Mode, as shown on the screenshot. I saw only Chinese letters, so I’ve written the translation, just to have an idea. Do not jump into any section of it, just leave the phone like that.

3.) Then connect the USB cable to the computer. The PC will try to install a driver (most probably, it will not succeed). To help the process, we open Device Manager to display this on the picture, we double-click the problematic driver, and choose Update Driver. Then we point to the folder with the extracted driver, so it can install correctly.

One of the final examples, of how the successfull installation looks like,
is shown in the screenshot "12-Final-Result-in-Devices.jpg".


Malik Sajid