Realme X7 5G RMX3091 RMX3092 IMEI Repair with pandor's Box

 IMEI Repair is currently only supported in Pandora box If another box brings updates i will update you. How to repair imei in mtk cpu based phones don’t forget to read imei repair rolls.

How to repair imei
  1. Select brand and model 

  2. Go to the imei season 

  3. Write original imei 

  4. And click to repair imei

  5. Connect mobile with boot key in pandora box (boot key volume + and - ) 

Wait a second and done

IMEI Repair is currently not supported in UMT, Unlocktool,cm2,miracl,eft,mrt

IMEI change is illegal in some countries if you are tampering with IMEI and Serial Number you could be jailed upto 3 year and some fine. In case your IMEI is damaged you can restore the original IMEI and repair the original IMEI. This site and any Tool can not give you permission to change imei and serial no This site can't promote any invalid activity. If you do any illegal activity then you will be responsible for it.


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